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Personal Wellbeing & Holistic Wellness

At Wellesta, wellbeing coaching and wellness promotion and support services prioritise nurturing holistic wellness, spanning various dimensions of life. Recognising that wellbeing extends beyond individual health to encompass relationships, social and community activities, and workplace dynamics, and broader systemic influences, an approach grounded in science-backed practices is taken. Each client's spiritual, personal, and social values are embraced, with support tailored by your qualified coach to align with your unique journey towards improved wellness. Whether it's breaking negative cycles, managing stressful times, enhancing mental resilience, fostering healthier relationships, enhancing physical mobility, recovering from illness or trauma, achieving work-life balance, navigating life with a disability, or finding harmony in daily life, clients are guided through personalised strategies aimed at realising their desired wellbeing goals.

Tailored coaching emphasising holistic wellbeing, psychosocial fitness, and best practices to improve psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness
Personalised support and access to digital workshops, nature retreats, and wellness resources
Integration of digital health and wellness alongside in-person support, including retreats and workplace visits for tailored assistance.


Personal Effectiveness Coaching

Many of us can benefit from transformative personal effectiveness coaching, which is designed to empower us with new skills, tools, and techniques to more confidently navigate life. Clients can focus on enhancing self-awareness, negotiation skills, problem-solving abiliy, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, boundary-setting, creativity, self-expression, innovation, goal-attainment skills, and context-specific knowledge. The goal is to equip clients with the tools and insights needed to confidently apply their newfound skills and knowledge in meaningful, sustainable, scalable, and effective ways across a variety of situations.

Tailored coaching sessions with a cognitive and developmental focus
Developmental strategies to unlock potential and achieve goals
Continuous follow-up, support, and accountability to nurture personal growth and maximise outcomess
Incorporation of evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive-Behavioural Coaching (CBC), Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused Coaching, and Strengths-Based Coaching.


Life Transitions & Resilience Coaching

At Wellesta, our Life Transitions and Resilience Counselling support offers confidential consultations, education and resources to support individuals navigating life changes and transitions. Whether facing a career change, grappling with work-related crises, adjusting to the challenges of aging, immigration, relationships, or coping with loss, a humanistic and person-centred counselling approach is employed. Through supportive sessions, strategies are discovered to enhance coping, cultivate self-compassion, and empower individuals to navigate life's challenges with strength and resilience.

Sessions designed utilising humanistic, person-centred, and meaning-centred approaches
Support through various stages of building resilience, emphasising acceptance and commitment to fostering a positive perspective
Integration of positive psychology and a meaningful future-focused approach, while also acknowledging past events.


Organisational Coaching & Workforce Training

A clear vision for cultivating a thriving, productive, and healthy workforce is fundamental to ensuring employee and customer satisfaction, as well as organisational effectiveness and corporate reputation. This is especially pertinent given the challenges posed by Australia's aging workforce, rapid technological advancements, and the evolving landscape of inclusion and diversity within the workplace. Organisational coaching plays a vital role in achieving this vision. Whether it's through short-term investments in external coaching for employees, capacity development, or internal coach training for long-term benefits, organisational coaching is essential. Wellesta, offers a range of coaching services tailored to meet your organisation's needs, including coaching for performance, personal development, mental health, and navigating change, uncertainty, toxic workplace cultures and managing abuse of power by authority. In parallel, Wellesta provides research-informed and hands-on training on crucial topics such as occupational safety, emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, psychological wellbeing, customer service, employee branding, and cultural awareness & sensitivity training.

Evidence-based and research-informed individual and team coaching, incorporating assessment, diagnosis, and measurable progress tracking
Tailored individual sessions and engaging training workshops designed to meet the specific needs of both the client and organisation, prioritising alignment with their goals over the preferences of the coach.


Data-Driven Assessments

Dive into organisational dynamics and employee development with Wellesta's data-driven assessments. From Human Synergistics assessment tools that illuminate strengths and growth areas to personality inventories providing deep insights, our approach includes comprehensive feedback, analysis, and personalised coaching. Additionally, Wellesta specialises in change consulting and organisational culture diagnosis, offering tailored strategic culture, brand, and change consulting with a focus on enhancing employee and customer satisfaction, improving relationships, wellbeing, human factors, and the work environment, and strengthening corporate reputation.

Human Synergistics data-driven assessments for individuals and teams measuring strength, behavioural styles, & areas of potential growth
Psychometric and personality inventories, debriefing, and coaching
Organisational culture diagnosis, data collection, analysis, capacity building, change management, culture, human factors, & brand consulting.


Business Coaching & eCommerce Mentoring

At Wellesta, the Business Coaching & eCommerce Mentoring service caters to individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, including young people with limited real-world experience, CALD community members, those living with disabilities, individuals contemplating a career change, or retired professionals embarking on new business ventures. This ensures tailored guidance and expertise to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in both physical and digital business realms. Your coaching practitioner, equipped with a wealth of expertise in digital business, market analysis, digital education, and psychological principles, will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your aspirations, abilities, expertise, strengths, and weaknesses. Subsequently, tailored coaching and mentoring will be provided to either launch a new business venture or scale an existing one.

Thorough assessment of your entrepreneurial vision, strengths, and market dynamics, tailored to diverse backgrounds including individuals with disabilities, neurodiversity, or newcomers to Australia
Personalised coaching and mentoring to launch and expand your business, with guidance and referrals for additional support services as needed.


Collaborative Development Series & Workshops

Dr. Ebrahimi specialises in designing and delivering engaging workshops and seminars in collaboration with professionals from diverse disciplines such as sports and nutrition, nursing, community development, education, law, psychology, art, leadership development, AI and information technology, small business startup, and more. Whether it's online, at your premises, or in local seminar venues, he tailors these sessions to meet your goals, budget, and requirements. Additionally, he can invite guest speakers and organise the event from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and impactful experience. These workshops and seminars such as Strategies Against Workplace Mobbing, Psychological Injury Prevention, Employee Recognition Programs, Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage, Personal Branding for Impact, Wellbeing Across lifespan, and Cybersecurity and Mental Health serve as valuable opportunities for professional development and are often integrated into staff training programs or offered as extracurricular activities for clients of his clients, fostering interdisciplinary learning and growth.

Collaborative virtual and in-person seminars, webinars, and workshops
Pre-recorded seminars (asynchronous events) designed for standalone or collaborative client initiatives.


Australia has a long history of health promotion.

Australia has a long history of health promotion. Memorable campaigns such as ‘Slip Slop Slap’, ‘Life. Be in It’ and ‘Every cigarette is doing you damage’ are examples of population-targeted health promotion (AIHW 2018).

National Preventive Health Strategy 2021-2030

According to public reports provided by the Australian Government Department of Health, Australians in regional and remote areas will have at least an additional three years of life lived in full health by 2030.

The proportion of the first 25 years lived in full health will increase by at least 2% by 2030. Preventive health action is the key to achieving a healthier Australia by 2030.


By 2030


Additional years

No matter our roles in personal and business lives, in the face of challenges and hardships, a compassionate sounding board and supportive environment can make navigating through difficulties less overwhelming. Wellesta Australia is committed to supporting individuals and purpose-driven initiatives and organisations, including the NDIS clients, Cancer Council, and Aboriginal communities across Australia.Wellesta is built upon principles of humanity, compassion, inclusion, and the celebration of life's diversity.

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