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Health Promotion (General)

Health promotion operates at many different levels – individual and relationship, organisational, community, and broader system – to achieve the desire wellbeing goals. Here at Wellesta, we provide educational workshops and develop wellbeing resources for educational purposes, and design multimodal health promotion campigns. We also assist with establishing and branding health and wellbeing services and products.

Coaching consultations, educational workshops and information sessions on wellbeing, preventive health, and positive psychology
Literature reviews, data collection and analysis on health promotion, organisational wellbeing, behavioral health, nutritional health, workforce development, and organisational psychology
Digital and multimedia health promotion campaigns
Tailored mentoring solutions for wellbeing services providers and healthcare startups.


Workplace Wellbeing

A healthy workforce enhances mental and physical health and wellbeing of employees. Health promotion in the workplace complements occupational and psychological safety, change management procedures and wellbeing measures as part of the combined efforts of employers, workers and external advisors to improve the health and well-being of employees at work. Here at Wellesta, we provide the following solutions

Human Synergistics Life Styles Inventory 360 assessment
Employee psychological and personal wellbeing coaching
Wellbeing policy development and tool kit design
Diversity and inclusion programs and campaigns
Occupational health programs, training and campaigns
Advisory services on culture change and capacity building.


Community Wellbeing

Partnering with rural and cultural and linguistically diverse (CALD) consumers to promote personal wellbeing and community flourishing. Improving community members access to healthy living choices, personal development, psychological resilience, and positive life transitions through face-to-face and video consultations, seminars and asynchronous educational videos to be utilised at clients' own pace. Some video programs are delivered via AI powered interpretation capability to communicate beyond language barriers.

Healthy living, psychological hygiene, and lifestyle coaching and counselling for individuals and groups
Awareness, resilience, and multicultural campaigns
Diversity & inclusion campaigns
Qualitative and quantitative research on community wellbeing
Guest speaker presentation, educational and wellness events.


Youth Wellbeing

Here at Wellesta we provide a range of Health Promotion and youth development consultations and programs that address the social determinants by promoting healthy behaviours; creating supportive, welcoming environments; and encouraging constructive social, workplace and community culture while enabling young people to increase control over and improve their wellbeing. Consultations, psycho-education programs and mentoring services also address health equity issues, remote community issues and remove barriers to access. Available to employers and young people, in person and via video conferencing.

Health Coaching (preventive): interference and education
Psycho-education: self-wareness, resilience, strength-spotting, self-care, coping, emotional intelligence
Positive Pscyhology Solutions: forward-looking strategies, optimism, meaning, strengths, social wellbeing
Work & Employment-focused Solutions: young workers stress and self-esteem, workplace safety climate, belonging and citizenship behaviour, leadership skills development, occupational welbeing campaigns


Research, Policiy & Advocacy

Health promotion involves the collaboration of all community stakeholders in the selection, planning, implementation, evaluation, and maintenance of health-promoting interventions, policies, and conditions. Here at Wellesta, we provide the following research, policiy development and advicacy solutions:

Qualitative and quantitative data collection (survey, interviews & focus groups) and data analysis on wellbeing and health promotion projects
Design and development of health promotion and wellbeing frameworks, policy and guidelines
Healthcare marketing and multimodal promotion campiagns for improving wellbeing in community and organisational settings
Advocacy and workforce development advisory services for health promotion practice and wellbeing services


Australia has a long history of health promotion.

Australia has a long history of health promotion. Memorable campaigns such as ‘Slip Slop Slap’, ‘Life. Be in It’ and ‘Every cigarette is doing you damage’ are examples of population-targeted health promotion (AIHW 2018).

National Preventive Health Strategy 2021-2030

According to public reports provided by the Australian Government Department of Health, Australians in regional and remote areas will have at least an additional three years of life lived in full health by 2030.

The proportion of the first 25 years lived in full health will increase by at least 2% by 2030. Preventive health action is the key to achieving a healthier Australia by 2030.


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