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As an agency and consulting enterprise, our core focus is to provide innovative services for the development and implementation of wellbeing, prevention, and health promotion initiatives. We also strive to offer workforce development, research solutions, and innovative media campaigns to support organisations and professionals in the sector.

Health Promotion: Here at Wellesta, health promotion programs, psycho-education workshops, solution-focused wellbeing programs, and intervention design activities aim to engage and empower employees, individuals and community members to choose healthy behaviours, healthy lifestyle choices and make changes that reduce the risk of developing mental health problems, chronic diseases and other morbidities. We primarily focus on individual, organisational and community positive change and wellbeing.

Education & Research: Here at Wellesta, we are equipped with the necessary skills and tools to assist with research, policy development, and provide educational resources and training. Our goal is to empower behavior change and positive actions through increased knowledge, self-awareness, and engagement.

Innovative Campaigns: We provide support services, healthcare marketing advisory, and multimodal digital awareness campaigns aimed at enhancing wellbeing, resilience, and work-life satisfaction in community and organisational contexts.

From shop floor to top floor.

We have a holistic approach to wellbeing. From supporting shop floor employees to top floor executives and leadership teams. From developing and deliverying psychological and psychosocial wellbeing programs to physical, emotional and environmental wellbeing initiatives. From 360 assessment and feedback to developing healthy employees, managers and community members with higher levels of emotional intelligence, self-awareness and soft skills to create flourishing workplacaes, communities and individuals.

When you select someone for a managerial job it should be somebody who has the technical skills, but also the people skills. From shop floor to top floor, we need more line managers and supervisors with EQ.

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Solution-Focused Health Promotion and Wellbeing


Health Promotion

We strive to provide evidence-based workplace psychology solutions, holistic well-being consultations, solution-focused community health promotion services, and strategies for strengthening organizational and community action. Our services encompass a wide range of initiatives, including participatory research, education, preventive interventions, engagement programs, and media campaigns. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive solutions that empower individuals, organizations, and communities to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Our integrated approach combines public health, psychology, and education to optimise personal, workplace and community well-being. We also specialise in health marketing, workplace design, and well-being campaigns, providing evidence-based solutions and advisory services. Together, we can create healthier environments and communities and improve the well-being of individuals, professionals and communities.

Your Wellbeing Matters

Here at Wellesta, we care about people's wellbeing. We have created a short video for you that offers some simple tips to improve your wellbeing. Please click and enjoy watching this short video.
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