Our Purpose & Reach

Our purpose is to support and empower individuals and organisations across Australia through tailored coaching and counselling, fostering personal wellbeing, work-life satisfaction, resilience, sustainable and scalable growth. Wellesta is dedicated to helping clients build brilliant lives and businesses with honesty, not hype.

Evidence-Informed Support: Research is important for clients, for practitioners, and strategically to continue to demonstrate that evidence-based coaching, counselling, and training change lives.

Data-Driven Methodologies: At Wellesta, we leverage data-driven methodologies to inform decisions and interventions, crafting tailored improvement and development plans for both individuals and businesses.

Client-Centred & Humanistic: Embracing humanistic principles, Wellesta prioritises the whole person, acknowledging human values, free will, autonomy, and the creative, active nature of individuals.

Empowering Every Level from Shop Floor to Top Floor

Wellesta has a holistic approach to wellbeing, personal success, professional and organisational growth. From supporting shop floor personnel to top floor executives and leadership teams. From developing and deliverying psychological and psychosocial coaching programs to physical, emotional and environmental wellbeing initiatives. From 360 assessment and feedback to developing emotionally intelligent employees, managers and community members with higher levels of life satisfaction, self-awareness and improved soft skills.

From the shop floor to the top floor, coaching and training programs are designed to develop not only technical skills but also interpersonal abilities.

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The Wellesta Approach and Points of Distinction


Approach & Outcome

Ultimately, clients want to see tangible results and positive outcomes from their coaching, counselling, or training sessions. Your practitioner thoughtfully utilises coaching, counseling, mentoring, and training based on contextual and client-specific needs, with distinct boundaries established between these modalities. Supported by comprehensive 360 assessments and best practice tools and interventions, the aim is to consistently optimise positive outcomes. It's important to recognise that progress may vary for each client, and in certain cases, long-term programs coupled with collaboration from other experts may be necessary. Nevertheless, client satisfaction and achieving the best possible outcomes define Wellesta.

Dr Zacharia Ebrahimi, PhD (QLD)

Founder | Accredited Coaching Practitioner | Progress Partner

+61 432 645 554

Beginning my journey as a young sports coach, I developed a strong work ethic and a passion for wellbeing and personal growth. This foundation has informed my pursuit of education and empirical research in psychology, wellbeing, education, business and management, shaping my approach to effecting positive progress in individuals and organisations. Informed by my personal journey as an immigrant and my extensive observations of various work, family, community, and business dynamics, I've cultivated a depth of knowledge and expertise that I now bring to my work.
Please be advised that Dr. Ebrahimi is part-time at Wellesta, which may affect availability.
I am dedicated to sharing my insights and learning from each interaction, fostering growth and resilience in those I serve.

Your Wellbeing Matters

Here at Wellesta, I am dedicated to the thriving of individuals and organisations across various dimensions. This short video is crafted to provide you with simple tips and inspiration to enhance your wellbeing.

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There's a growing need for coaches, counsellors, facilitators, and mentors skilled in equipping individuals and organisations with holistic and research-informed positive change techniques, fostering growth, improvement, and cultivating thriving communities and workplace cultures. No matter our roles in personal and business lives, in the face of challenges and hardships, a compassionate and supportive environment can make navigating through difficulties less overwhelming. Wellesta strives to provide that sounding board and support team for individuals and organisations alike, offering guidance and empathy to help you overcome obstacles and thrive.

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