Prioritising Health Promotion, Enhancing Holistic Wellness, and Optimising Social & Psychological Fitness

We strive to provide evidence-based workplace psychology solutions, holistic well-being consultations, solution-focused community health promotion services, and strategies for strengthening organisational and community action. Our services encompass a wide range of initiatives, including participatory research, education, preventive interventions, engagement programs, and media campaigns. Our goal is to deliver comprehensive solutions that empower individuals, organisations, and communities to thrive and achieve their full potential.

Health promotion focuses not only on the individual, but also on organisations, groups, communities and settings where people live their lives.


We support urban and regional clients through wellbeing programs, positive change programs, and strategies for collaborative action. Our services include preventive intervention design, research, education, awareness and media campaigns, empowering individuals, workplaces, and communities.

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Psychoeducation for Healthier Workplaces and Communities

We design and deliver psychoeducation programs to improve wellbeing and psychological health literacy. Programs aim at developing early intervention skills to ensure employees or members of the community have access to information and tools to improve psychological wellbeing, life satisfaction, and job satisfaction.

In particular, programs offered in individual and group levels contribute to fostering healthy workplaces and communities, healthy relationships, stronger resilience, increased empathy, sustainable wellness, and more inclusive, safe and positive workplace culture.

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We also provide expert guidance on designing and developing impactful health promotion digital campaigns. Contact us today to schedule a consultation call. info@wellesta.com.au

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