Supporting Your Wellbeing, Business Growth, Performance, and Work-Life Harmony with Evidence-Based Coaching, Counselling and Training

At Wellesta, founded in Australia by Dr. Ebrahimi, he offers evidence-based holistic wellbeing services, encompassing personal and professional development, workplace psychology solutions (such as employee coaching, redundancy counselling, 360 assessments, culture diagnosis, and transition coaching), and strategies for community wellbeing. Services include solution-focused personal and professional development plans (incorporating vision clarification, goal setting, strengths identification, managing life transitions, and resilience building), workplace psychology solutions, business counselling and community initiatives.

With a commitment to empowerment, growth, and confidentiality, Wellesta offers a humanistic and research-informed approach to help individuals, workplaces, and communities navigate change and achieve success through in-person and video conferencing coaching, counselling, and mentoring.


At Wellesta, clients can schedule personalised coaching and counselling consultations tailored to their needs. This can involve confidential, individual sessions or coordination with their existing support team, supervisors, or other professionals. Coaching extends beyond individual needs to encompass support within workplaces, fostering diversity and extending a warm welcome to clients from all backgrounds, including those with disabilities and from CALD communities.

_ The Impact of Coaching and Counselling at Wellesta

Pathways to Personal and Professional Empowerment

Having a sounding board and support team with a deep understanding of personal development across the lifespan, adult learning theories, and psychological principles, alongside effective strategies for managing personal and work-related change and transformation, ensures clients benefit from the application of coaching and counselling best practices to provide tailored solutions.

At Wellesta, the significance of support and collaboration is deeply understood. A positive change plan holds true value when it is collaboratively crafted with the client, ensuring their ownership of the plan. Life's transitions, whether it's enhancing wellbeing, recovering from unexpected events, or starting new career and business ventures, demand compassionate guidance and tailored strategies.

By integrating science-informed assistance and drawing from the rich experiences of our partnering professionals, the journey becomes both manageable and deeply meaningful, ensuring that the outcomes are not only attainable but also profoundly rewarding.

Data-Driven Approach »

Through confidential psychometric and self-assessment tools, primarily sourced from the client's own self-assessment data, and potentially complemented by feedback from others such as colleagues, supervisors, or friends, data-driven insights inform targeted action, coaching, and development strategies.

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